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Blog 6

January 14th, 2012 by Merzela · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Blog 6: Choose one writer we’ve read and write an account of yesterday’s excursion from the point of view of that writer. Suggestion: Include images or video

I headed to Lwandle early in the morning, not sure of what to expect. Once there, I went to the museum to learn about the hostels that use to be there. The tour guide took us to different parts of the museum and gave us the story behind them. It was all interesting but what caught my attention the most was the cubicle like area that had the heading “Stories of Home.” These people had different meanings of what a home is. Some think it is the place that you are born, others think it is where your family is and others think differently. It made me question, what is home to me? Khayelitsha had become my home after spending some time there and yet I was not born there nor is my immediate family living there. Still, in a lot of ways the people in Khayelitsha have become my family and living there, I have experienced a rebirth in my beliefs and outlooks; so it can be considered my birthplace. Khayelitsha is home; South Africa is home.

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  • Talisa Feliciano

    There is the tendency to think of home as something that can not change. But I think Otter’s book is a testimony to the fluidity of what home is or can be.

  • mikestrianese

    I agree! Home is not where you are born, where you live, or even where you spend most of your time. Home is where you’re genuinely happy and surrounded by those and things you love.

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